Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today todah today

Went to MALBA, the museum of modern art here in Buenos Aires. There's an Andy Warhol exhibit there currently and it's quite wonderous. Saw some polaroids featuring Grace Jones, Arnold (before he was the governator), and the gorgeous Debbie Harry. It's a little surreal when you see the things you've talked about with all of your artsy friends since you were in high school up close and personal. Back then, words like 'the factory' and 'campbells' and 'edie' danced around with a kind of untouchable air. And then you see an exhibit featuring all the real things: the screen tests, the prints, the self-portraits in drag, and it feels a little fake. A little fake but not dissapointing. Not that kind of fake or surreal. The kind of fake where you laugh to yourself because it really isn't fake at all. This is getting a bit blabbery so I'll stop there. But I saw it and it felt great.

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  1. come on and smile your pearly whites!