Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moving Sale!!

Hi guys! So I'm moving from NYC to LA very soon and I am selling a bunch of my jewelry. (The less to carry cross-country the better). Some of it is really fun costume stuff I've picked up along the way and others are nicer, more interesting pieces. If you're interested, shoot me an email at and we'll figure out how you can get it from me! :-)

                                                                  Grecian-inspired necklace: sold!

                                             Skull, anchor, turquoise charm necklace: $8

very long chains and feathers earring: sold

                                Two-finger Batman ring: $8 (medium/large, could also probably fit a guy)

                                                         Lots of Pretty Chains cuff: $25

                                        Chunky Flower Necklace: sold

                                                          Dangly Spikes and Studds ring: $3

                                                       Amazing Deer Necklace: sold

                                             3 studded 2 finger ring: sold!

stay tuned! more to come!

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