Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So last night was amazing. A bunch of us went to this event called La Bomba de Tiempo that happens every Monday night. It's basically a concert atmosphere where there's a stage and a huuuuuuuuuge venue full of people standing around shoulder to shoulder. However, onstage is a band of drummers...about 20 of them, and there's a conductor. The conductor tells the drummers what rythm to play, how fast, when to come in, when to go out, and it's all completely improvised. It lasts from about 8 to 10:30 with different members of the band taking turns conducting. It was amazing. The drums gave everything a wild, tribal atmosphere, and the audience was so taken by it that there was a literal moshpit. I was in heaven. When I would catch the occasional glimpses of faces I recognized, there was always a huge smile on them. At one point Ariana and I locked hands and were just laughing histerically, being pushed and pulled by the crowd's insane motion. Then the crowd opened into a circular pit where people started to dance in the middle and out came their animalistic, beautiful, instinctual movements. It was wonderous to say the least. When I came out of there, my hair was soaked with beer, my mascara was running perfectly, and I smelled like sweat and cigarettes. And so did everyone else..and we were happy.

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