Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Night: Drag and Dance

The venue was a little restaurant/bar called El Baruyo. A friend of ours had a family friend in the band of what we thought was a tango show like any other. When we arrived and were greeted by a six foot something drag queen in a pink feathered wig, however, I realized that a traditional tango show was not what we were in for. We sat at our table, the lights went dim, and the show began with a ticking sound on the loud speakers. Six dancers came on stage slowly, to the rythm of the clock, and what went on from there was a modern take on a night of tango that included crazy near-acrobatic dancing, projections of thought-provoking images onto the back wall of the main stage, and of course, the amazing drag queen. Red wine was the perfect match for a great show.

The performers:

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