Monday, August 24, 2009

Street Fairs and Cemetaries

Yesterday was a very very intense day. We had a quick tour of the entire city that took about five hours to complete...and yes..that was the "quick" tour. It was actually incredibly cool. First we went to the famous cemetary of mosoleums. It was crazy! The guide told us that each mosoleum was about the cost of a nice apartment here in Buenos Aires. Each one was so lavish and huge, and you could see inside some of them because they had windows and there were coffins literally lining the walls! Each mosoleum looked like a small chapel, and the architecture was amazing...they looked like the churches in Europe and had steeples, mosaics, and beautiful statues on them. After we left the cemetary we got back on our little bus and saw several important buildings that I can't remember the names of..except one! We saw the Pink House...which is Argentina's equivalent of the White House. It's where Eva Peron (Evita) made her speeches from and lived for quite some time. Very cool. There were guards in front of it like the kind in London that can't move. haha. I like those. Then we went to different parts of the city. My favorite part was San Telmo, the bohemian/artisty area where there were amazing stores and a street fair! There were men doing beautiful little puppet shows with actual marionettes, and there were stands where women sold antique lace slips and dresses and table pretty. We then went to the hotel to pick up our bags and move into our new apartment with our host family! It was a lot of fun to say the least. The family has 3 boys, one is 14, one is 9, and the youngest is 8. The two little ones are hilarious and busted out their flutes, roller blades, and Korn cds all at different parts of the night...yes korn. hahaha so that was my yesterday. I'll post again soon!

A hall in the cemetary:

Some of the Mosoleums:

The Pink House:

The Puppeteer of Wonder:

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